Best Bell Dual Sport Helmet

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Finding the best Bell Dual Sport Helmet isn’t hard because they only make one model the Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet. Now the question comes down to is this a good helmet for you? With an average rating from online store at 4.5-5 stars this helmet is popular among dual sport riders and is well built. The main reason I feel this helmet gets such a good rating is because of its price of $159. Below are some key feature I fell make this helmet a great deal for you money but keep in mind every helmet fits different so if you’re ordering online make sure you order from a store that is easy to return to like the stores I have listed below. Video below is a great overview of this helmet.

Key Features

  1. Price
  2. Color Choice
  3. Has MIPS
  4. 3.5 LBS
  5. D.O.T. Approved
  6. Comfortable Fit

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