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My first time on two wheels was in 2008 then in 2009 I attended the Big Woods Dual Sport in Wisconsin. After doing a few other dual sports that were tougher than my skills I started looking for other events only to realize finding information was difficult. There for in 2012 I created what is now Usdualsports for my 10 riding buddies to get information about events I thought we could attend. In the following years google found the information and other riders started using the site and it has now grown to over 25,000 riders use it per year. With that being said I still run the site as a hobby in the winter to keep me busy when my summer business is shut down. My main goal for the site is to help fellow riders find events that meet their capabilities, and to help grow the sport. If you ever have any questions about events feel free to contact me at anytime by email or text. If you want to donate to the site to help pay for server fees and promote events for clubs below are some ways you can do it for little or no money out of your pocket.

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———-  Frequently Asked Questions   ———-

Is Usdualsports A Big Company

No its just a one man show Me.

Do I Make Money From Events

No I don’t charge clubs to put events on the site.

Full disclosure some clubs do let me ride their event for free.

Why Did I Build Site

My riding group is not very computer savvy and wanted information on more events,  so I built the site by watching YouTube videos on creating a website.

What Type Of Events Do I Ride

I enjoy single track riding and enduro style dual sports.

How Much Time Is Spent On Site

I spend about 3-4 hours a day in the winter updated the site and events.

How Popular Is The Site

Site attracts around 25,000 visitors per year. All from word of mouth from fellow riders like you.

Which Dual Sports Do I attend

Does Site Compete With AMA

No I have a good line of communication with the AMA and not all events on site are AMA events.

How To Suggest Changes To Site

I have little website experience so if you have ideas for the site just contact me I’m happy to add features.

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