Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag Review

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One of the first things I noticed about the Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag was its high durability and how well it was made. What more would you expect from a product Made In The USA? After giving it a good look over, I realized that this bag has so many features to review that it would take a viewer over an hour to read. So, I tried to break down the review so I don’t loose your interest.

Mounting – Mounting the bag took about 5 minutes. The instructions had plenty of pictures, so no reading was required. Also the bag stays in place, and removing it from the bike is as easy as unclasping 4 snaps, and the mounting straps stay on the bike.

Clear Map Holder – This is one of the features I like most about the bag. Although it is a little small, it has a removable map holder. The map holder was a little on the small side, but I feel the only time you really need to look at a map is to find gas or food. If you know where your going and no map is required, then it’s a perfect spot for your cell phone.

Zippers – The zippers are normally not something I would talk about, but these are easy to use and very durable. They also have yellow pull strings on them to make them easy to find, and easy to use with gloves on.

Cargo Space – The best way I could think of to give you an idea of how much space there is, you could carry a 6 pack of soda, plus still have room for a spare set of gloves and your wallet. It also has a zippered pocket inside the bag, and a mesh pocket on the outside.

D-Rings – There are 2 D-Rings under the removable map holder that are great for mounting your keys, thermometer, compass, tire gauge, or any other small item with a clip.

Overall this bag was very well made, and well designed for dual sport riding. One thing I should point out is on Enduro style bikes, like KTM 450’s, the bag mounts well, but I found it easier to mount over the gas cap in order to be able to slide up on the seat more in turns. On bikes like DRZ’s, KLR’s and other 650 and bigger bikes the bag mounts perfect just below the gas cap, and still out of the way. Refueling is not an issue on the smaller bikes thanks to the 4 clips to remove the bag, just one more step if your in a hurry. (More Info)

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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