Top 10 Best Tires for KTM EXC

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Finding the best tires for a KTM EXC is like asking a guy what’s the best beer. Everyone will have a different opinion depending on what kind of terrain you ride, budget, and how fast you are. Here is my list of tires I recommend trying. My personal favorite is the Michelin Starcross 5. If your looking for a tire that hooks up great and can be ran at low P.S.I try out the Shinko 525 Cheater.

Tire Online Ratings Miles Expected Price More Info
Michelin S-12 4.5/5 500 $75.99 More Info
Bridgestone M59 5/5 400-500 $87.95 More Info
*Michelin Starcross 5* 5/5 500-700 $75.68 More Info
Shinko F546 4.5/5 300-400 $54.55 More Info
Shinko F525 Cheater 5/5 300-400 ” @8 PSI $62.88 More Info
Pirelli XCMS 4.5/5 500-600 $74.88 More Info
Pirelli MX Extra 4.5/5 400-500 $72.88 More Info
Bridgestone Battlecross 4/5 varies $95.88 More Info
Pirelli MX32 4.5/5 varies $79.88 More Info

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