Sena SMH10 Dirt Bike Helmet Communications Review

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One of the biggest inconveniences of dirt bike riding is not being able to communicate with the group of riders that you are with. How many times have you turned around to find that no one else is around? So then you are left to wounder where they went and hope that no one is needing help somewhere. This issue forces a rider either to just sit back and wait to see if they catch up, or double back and take the chance of having a head on collision with another rider.  A good form of communication would really relieve this riding strain. The good news is now Sena has a blue tooth headset that allows riders to talk with up to 3 others at the same time, as well as answer your phone and listen to MP3 player all while riding through the middle of the woods. Most often I have used the headset to talk with other riders, but on a long dual sport ride it will be nice to have some music on the road sections. 

While testing this product I was impressed by the amount of distance in the woods the units worked, and by how clear the sound came through. The other thing that surprised me was how much more riding you can accomplish because your buddy can say “Hey I turned left up here”, therefore saving the confusion of trying to figure out what direction everyone went. The Sena Bluetooth unit proved most useful when we came face-to-face with a group of ATV’s coming at us on the trail, and we were able to relay that information to the rest of the group before we had any safety trouble. 

Another advantage (that I don’t get to take advantage of yet), is the ability to talk to your kids when your riding with they or trying to help them out on the track. All you have to do is switch the unit to intercom mode and you can talk live (instead of when they get back and they have already forgot the situation). 

The specific unit that I have been using is the Sena SMH10 Dual Pack . It was simple to install in a closed face helmet, but I should add that it also came with everything you need for and open face street helmet. If this site gave out awards for the products that were tested, Sena would get the product of the year since it adds safety, and is useful in more ways then one. Below you will find a video of the helmet communication in action. 

Update: Sena released the 20S-01 unit which allows up to 8 riders to communicate and increased the range to 1.2 Miles. Also all units can now link with other communication brands by updating your firmware. Use links below to find the best prices at all leading motorcycle stores. [More Info]

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