Protecting Dirt Bike Levers

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Being a fast dirt bike rider has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are you can win races and gain bragging rights among your buddies. The main disadvantage is when you wreck, you wreck hard. In order to keep you from having to with-draw from the race or ride you need to set your bike up to take hits at high speeds.

When you crash, the part that has the farthest fall and hits the ground every time is your handle bars. That being said you take a good chance of doing damage or even breaking your levers. Adding a good set of Bark Busters will help keep your hands and levers safe from hitting trees, and when the bike hits the ground. Even with bark busters, I still end up with the occasional bent levers, and I’m not that fast of a rider. The easiest way I have found to solve this issue is to add Teflon tape under the lever mounts. Doing so will allow them to rotate when hit instead of bending or braking.

I know there are levers on the market that will bend or flex when hit, but that is going to cost you more than a roll of Teflon tape. If your lever is bent beyond repair check RMMC Dirt Bike Levers.  Also, there are more uses for the Teflon tape on your bike; check out how to use it on your Air Bleed Valve.

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