LS2 MX435 Dual Sport Helmet Review

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Last weekend I attended the Moto GP race in Indianapolis. While walking through the vendor area, I discovered a booth of LS2 Helmets. I’m guessing many of you are like me in that this is the first time you have heard of this brand. At the booth, I got the opportunity to chat with Phil who gave me some background on the company and how it is the fastest growing helmet manufacture in the U.S. He then simply told me “You need to try one on.” After doing so, I immediately understood why they are growing so quickly. The cheek pads are made from a solid piece of foam vs the wedge type design found in the competition. The visor was easy to operate and retracts out of the way for a full spectrum view. I then told Phil I needed to get my hands on one of these helmets to review further, and he agreed. So here is the review on the LS2 MX453 Dual Sport helmet. Check out this link find the Top Selling Dual Sport Helmets.

Fit – The single foam design cheek pads gives full support across your cheeks vs only the top part of the pad on other helmets I have.

Field Of View – They call it a 360° Concept, and I agree 100% with them. With the eye port being so large it allows you to use your peripheral vision which is important when dodging cars on the road.

Shield – Lifts very easy and smooth with one gloved hand. The shield can be adjusted to any height or just cracked a little to help with fogging. When in the full up position it is out of view completely and also closes nicely with goggles on. Curve of shield does cause a slight reflection in certain lighting conditions which can catch your eye while riding.

Noise – Road noise was better than other Dual Sport style helmets I have tried in the past. The gasket around the eye port is thicker and more pliable which makes for a better seal.

Color Design – I really like the designs; they are simple and clean. With that being said I wish they offered an orange pattern and my decision would have been easier.

Safety – This helmet is both DOT and ECE approved.

Ventilation – The ventilation on this helmet is standard, it gets the job done and is glove operation friendly.

Weight – 3.4 LBS for Large Helmet

Price – $169.95

Features Over Competition

Shield Operation
Goggle Friendliness
Road Noise
Field Of View

Update – After over a year of using this helmet I have found that it still fits well and the wind noise is minimal. One down fall I have found is on very sunny days in certain lighting conditions the lens can have a distortion with I find a little distracting. Find the best prices at all leading retailers below. Prices change daily so make sure you check them all out. [More Info]

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