How To Mount GoPro Under Visor

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I have found that by mounting your helmet camera underneath the visor, you worry less about losing it, it provides a better camera angle, and you can easily see the red light on the back signalling that the camera is powered on. In this tip I will demonstrate how to mount your camera under the visor no matter what shape it is.

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Products Needed:

Sand Paper

Clear Plastic Epoxy – $5.20

Aluminum Foil


Washable Marker

Rubbing Alcohol

Old Towel

GoPro Mounts-$19.99

Step 1

Before starting this project make sure you find a good location for your camera. Take into consideration the camera mounting screw, and a position that is out of your line of sight.

Step 2

Mark the mounting position with a washable marker so it can be erased.

Step 3

Sand all areas inside mounting area with sand paper. Then clean with Rubbing Alcohol.

Step 4

Remove red film from GoPro mount and apply mount to desired location.

Step 5

Mix plastic epoxy in accordance to its instructions using a plastic knife. Tip: mix epoxy on aluminum foil, it works great and you can just throw it away.

Step 6

Use your plastic knife to work epoxy into gap between visor and mount. Tip: toothpicks work well at getting out air bubbles, and pushing epoxy into the gap.

Step 7

Once you have filled the gap completely, use tooth picks to scrape extra epoxy off visor.

Step 8 

Allow it to dry 24 hours

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