Heat Demon Motorcycle Adventure Kit & Seat Warmer Review

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Dual sport and adventure riding in the Midwest typically winds down in the late fall due to the drop in temperatures. Riders try to extend the season by using heavy jackets, wind blockers, and a variety of heated gear. While all of these options provide some additional comfort for winter riding, all of them have drawbacks such as bulkiness, reduced flexibility with the controls, and dealing with a maze of wires.

Heat Demon has released their Motorcycle Adventure Kit to address the needs of riders looking to

prolong their riding season. This kit along with their Seat Heater provides a rider the warmth and convenience to ride in lower temperatures.

The Motorcycle Adventure Kit includes a 4 zone controller, grip heaters, as well as the required wiring and hardware. The controller can operate a set of grip heaters, a seat heater, as well as 2 additional heated garments. The heaters are installed beneath standard grips, allowing riders the flexibility of choosing virtually any OEM or aftermarket grips.


Installation is straightforward, with 3 main steps. Step 1 is the installation of the heating elements upon the handlebars / throttle tube, followed by the mounting of the 4 way controller, and lastly connecting the wiring. Mounting options are plentiful, with hardware available for handlebar mounting, flush mounting, as well as an option to attach to an “L” bracket. I chose the handlebar option for my KLR650, which was easy to assemble and allowed me to place the control unit adjacent to the turn signal switch on the left side. It should be noted that the electrical tasks are greatly simplified by the use of color coded wires and easy to connect plugs.

The supplied wire harness makes for easy connections to both of the grip heaters, as well a standard connector to facilitate their seat heater. Additionally, the controller has 2 auxiliary jacks to support additional heated items such as a jacket or vest. It should be noted that the heating element for the seat does require that the cover be pulled back in order to install it, but this is a minor inexpensive task for an upholsterer.


Installation completed, it was time to head out into the cold and try out the Heat Demon gear. Temperatures were in the mid 30’s as I rolled out. With the ability to set the temperature at 1 of 5 heat levels on each component separately, I choose to set the grips and the seat to level 2. Within 30 seconds or so, the heat could be felt, making it easy to start up and go.

Once out on the ride, I made some adjustments to the heat settings. I bumped the grip temperature to 3 and dropped the seat down to 1. The controller is very easy to use, as there are only 2 buttons to operate. The buttons are ample in size, and can be easily adjusted while wearing gloves. The LED’s are easy to see in the daylight and can dimmed for night use.

While the hand warmers did a great job of keeping my hands warm while wearing medium weight gloves, the seat warmer was even more of a pleasant surprise. Wearing adventure riding pants (with the winter liner installed) over a regular pair of pants, I was concerned that the heat may not reach my body. That was not the case, as the seat warmed quickly and I had to reduce the power as noted above. The heat from the seat does an excellent job of keeping your core warm, which is the key to keeping your entire body comfortable.

Overall the Heat Demon Motorcycle Adventure Kit and Seat Warmer made the ride in the cold weather a pleasurable excursion. As long as the roads are free of ice and snow, I can see riding in comfort with temperatures as low as the mid-teens.

What worked:

1) Ample heat output on grips and seat.

2) Straightforward installation with good instructions.

3) Multiple mounting options.

4) Easy to operate controls.

5) Expandable via 2 auxiliary ports.

Opportunity for improvements:

1) The inclusion of a small amount of the proper grip adhesive would be a nice addition.

2) The plastic mounting brackets had a heavy amount of flash on them that could have been removed to facilitate the installation of the fasteners.

Find out more information about these products and other products offered by Heat Demon at www.heatdemon.com

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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