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Bolt Motorcycle Chain Adjusters Review

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Here at Usdualsports we find that its sometimes the littlest parts added to your dirt bike make the biggest difference and the Bolt Motorcycle Chain Adjuster Blocks are just that. These chain adjuster blocks dress up your dirt bike and make aligning your rear wheel an easy quick process by holding the wheel in place while adjusting your chain. They also stay in place when axle is removed which makes putting your rear wheel on easier. If you have a question of your own comment below or email us and we will get your question answered.

Q. What is the biggest benefit of having Both Hardware Chain Adjuster Blocks?
A. The anodized orange really dresses up the dirt bike, but the biggest benefit is that the blocks always stay in place during a tire change and while adjust your chain. This helps with alignment and putting the rear wheel back on your dirt bike.

Q. How do the Bolt Adjuster Blocks stay in place.
A. A cutout notch on the block slides over the chain adjustment bolt to keep the right side in place as seen in picture. On the clutch side the Bolt adjuster block replaces your stock block and also has a notch cutout that slides over the chain adjustment bolt.

Q. How do you replace the screwed on stock adjuster block with the Bolt Adjuster Block?
A. This is a simple process and the best way to explain it is by watching Bolt’s installation video. At 2:08 they explain the process of removing your OEM chain adjuster block.

Q. What are the Bolt Adjuster Blocks made from.
A. They are 6061 aluminum.

Q. What bike manufactures does Bolt make chain adjuster blocks for?
A. Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha.

Q. Do the Bolt adjuster blocks have alignment notches engraved on them?
A. Yes they do they have laser engraved markings to ensure proper axle alignment.

Q. Does Usdualsports recommend Bolt Chain Adjuster Blocks?
A. We do recommend them and every dirt bike we have owned has had Bolt Motorcycle Hardware chain adjuster blocks.

Get more information at www.boltmotorcyclehardware.com

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