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Should you wear a neck brace while dirt bike riding? If I should which dirt bike neck brace is the best? That is the million dollar questions that I hear all the time and I do choose to wear one, but I will admit at the last ride I didn’t and I felt a little “naked”. In this comparison I’m only going to compare 2 neck braces because I feel they are the best neck braces and the only 2 I personally own to compare. Check out the comparison chart below.

Atlas Neck Brace

I feel that the Atlas Neck Brace is the best neck brace on the market. It’s easy to around when wearing this brace and you barley know its on. Atlas has done a great job of making their neck brace slim and out of the way. One complaint I do have is when wearing a hydration pack this brace seems to rest on my collar bone and after 120 miles on a dual sport my collar bone is a little sore. [More Info]


  • Low Profile
  • Light Weight
  • Easy To Put On


  • Rubs Collar Bone With Hydration Pack

Leatt Neck Brace

Leatt has done a great job in transforming their neck braces over time. The first Leatt neck brace I owned was a little bulky and hard to install on your gear with its two locking latches. The current Leatt neck brace shares similarities with the Atlas in the low profile design and to be honest it looks like almost a direct copy. The main reason I feel the Atlas performs better then then Leatt comes down to the Leatt rubs my neck and after 120 miles its not fun to put it on the second day.


  • Low Profile
  • Easy To Mount


  • Rub “My” Neck
  • Cost More


Neck Brace Comparison Chart


Brace Online Rating Price More Info
Leatt GPX 5.5 5/5 $369.99 More Info
Leatt GPX 6.5 5/5 $499.99 More Info
Atlas Carbon 5/5 $449.99 More Info
Atlas Air 5/5 $279.00 More Info
Leatt GPX 3.5 $249.00 More Info
Alpinestarts Bionic 5/5 $289.95 More Info
EVS R4 5/5 $107.99 More Info

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