10 Bike Set Up Tips For Muddy Conditions

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Dirt bike riding in the mud is part of most riders lives in the spring and fall. Do your self a favor and prep your bike for these conditions to keep your machine running correctly and allow yourself to finish the race . Here are 10 tips to help you set up your bike for your next muddy race. If you have one of your own please share it below in the comments.

1. Tire Choice
Picking the correct tire can make or break your day. I typically run a full knobby with a soft compound in the spring and fall during the muddy riding times my favorite is Pirelli MXMS. If you plan on using the same tire both spring and fall use a Knobby Knife to freshen up knobs.
2. Stiffer Suspension
This is one thing most riders over look when setting up their dirt bike for mud riding. You would be amazed how much more weight mud will add to the bike so give your suspension a few clicks stiffer to compensate for this weight.
3. Loosen Chain
Since mud likes to stick to your sprocket area especially the front loosing up your chain is a good idea. This keeps the tension correct and less pressure on your sprockets.
4. Hand Guards
If your dirt bike isn’t already set up with metal brush guards at least pick up a set of Hand Guards to keep mud off your gloves and levers.
5. Keep Mud From Sticking
Adding sprays like Pam or Pledge will help create a slick surface that mud won’t stick to, but it only last a short time. My suggestion is PowerMadd Foam on any surface mud sticks to ensure mud falls off while riding.
6. Keep Bike Cool
Even if you lead the whole race mud will find its way into your radiators. A simple cheap set of pantie hose over your dirt bike radiators will keep mud from sticking and allow you to grab them and pull the mud off easy. Order a larger size to keep them from tearing when applied.
7. Foot Pegs
Keep your dirt bike foot pegs in the down position is more difficult than you think when riding in muddy conditions. After one tip over mud fill up the spring causing your foot peg to stick in the upright position. A simple solution to this issue is these Spring Covers.
8. Keep Engine Cool
The one spot mud likes most is in-between the frame and engine. This can cause your engine to overheat and adds extra weight. Foam will help but I recommend adding a skid plate to block this area even if you’re a motocross rider.
9. Seat
Sliding around on your seat happens when it gets wet and muddy. About the only solution we know of is to get a seat cover with more grip.
10. Air Filter
Keeping your dirt bike air filter clean and water free on most bikes isn’t an issue as long as your side cover is secured properly. I still recommend adding foam inside air box and adding extra oil on your filter to ensure your bike doesn’t suck in water or dirt.

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