———-  Frequently Asked Dual Sport Questions   ———-

Does Usdualsports Put On Events

No, I just list all the events across the U.S. to make it easier for riders to find events.

What Is A Dual Sport Ride

East Of Mississippi-Basically a non timed Enduro.

West Of Mississippi-Gravel roads and dirt roads.

Difference Between Dual Sport & Adventure Rides

Dual Sport Ride- Look at above FAQ.

Adventure Ride- Normally an adventure ride is on a 650CC bike or bigger consisting of gravel, dirt, and paved roads.

How Do I Get More Information About Event

Go to the event you want more information about on Usudualsports and scroll down to Club’s Page, Email, and Phone Number. This information is how you get in contact with the host club.

How Difficult Is A Dual Sport

Every event is different I suggest getting on YouTube and watching a few videos of the event.

How Do I Help At Event

If you want to help out at an event contact me or the club that hosts the event.

Do I need to navigate an event

At most events you will need a Roll Chart or GPS.

Do I need AMA Membership

Not all event require is so check out the event page before purchasing a membership.

Is Usdualsports A Big Company

No, I run the site as a hobby during the winter months when my company is shut down.

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