Club members and event promoters! Don’t waste your money boosting a FaceBook ad without narrowing down your audience. Instead let Usdualsports help promote your event by using known information to help narrow down the audience. 100% of the money you donate to Usdualsports will go to promoting your event. Also by becoming a featured event your club can have the sponsors of the event posted on the site along with tracking codes to help gain more sponsors more info below.



How We Find Riders

Narrow Radius

Why show your ad to everyone across the U.S.? Narrow down your audience to save money on promotion.


Narrow down your search by age and sex to insure your ad gets the proper viewers.

Common Interest

Narrow down your search to include only individuals with common interest as fellow riders.

How It Helps Everyone

100% Return

100% of your money goes to promote your event. “Free Promotion”

Helps Sport

Most visitors to the site will look at other events on the site which helps grow the sport as a whole.

Helps Usdualsports

I do this promotion to help grow the site that I run as a hobby and also grow the sport by getting riders to events.

Add Event Sponsors

After a $30 donation is given to Usdualsports we take 100% of that money and promote your events. Another feature your club gets by becoming a featured event is the ability to add your sponsors to your event page with links back to sponsors home page. All links are tracked so clubs can inform sponsor of the extra coverage they received by sponsoring your event.


If you want to do the social media promoting on your own please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 317-442-7289 and I will help you narrow down your search to make sure you’re not wasting money on social media promotions.