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In 2008 I bought my first Dual Sport bike 2 weeks after my father-n-law took me riding for the first time ever. That year I attended the Big Woods Dual Sport in Wisconsin and was hooked. As a new rider I didn’t want to get in over my head, and get my-self hurt, but I found that there was very little information about events. So in the winter of 2011 to help my 5-6 riding buddy’s find all the dual sport’s near us I put together usdualsports.com as a winter hobby. As we found out and I’m sure many of you have also there are more rides then I ever would have guessed. As the winter went on I started adding hare scrambles, enduro’s, adventure rides, and motocross races to make sure we had a chance to ride every weekend we had free. After about a year a few more web surfing riders found the site and posted it on Facebook and forums which grew the site to over 22,000 visitors per month. My goal continues to be the same helping riding buddy’s find a ride this includes ones I know, and all of you I have yet to meet. The site continues to be a hobby that is ran by one person not a company, and the main reason it grows is due to riders like yourself telling your riding buddies through word of mouth, social media, and forums. I appreciate your support and suggestions. If you want to support the site at no cost to you find out more in the Support Page.

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