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2014 OXCR Hare Scramble

Ride-OXCR Hare Scramble
Info-This hare scramble is put on by Ohio X-Country Racing. This series in new in 2013, and is replacing the SOCCS series. In the 2013 there will be 10 rounds. Gates open at 08:00AM. To find out more information on this series check out their Facebook Page or the forum link below.

2014 Schedule

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Location Addresses

Cyco Motorsports
2907 California Hollow Rd.
Bainbridge, Ohio 45612

Full Throttle
5631 ST. RT 73
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

Krash Racing 
7250 TWP. HWY. 219
New Lexington, Ohio 43764

8998 ST. RT. 41
Bainbridge, Ohio 45612

Death Valley Racing
2093 Pricer Ridge
South Salem, Ohio 45681

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