Dual Sport riding over the past few years has grown in popularity, and riders are seeing it as another way to get some seat time in with their buddies. Due to other obligations like work and family's getting to ride every event is not possible for most riders. Due to this the question I see brought up, and argued over is which Dual Sport is the best. To help fellow riders find which event they want to try out, and use their vacation or time away from the family I created a poll to find the best Dual Sport in each state. This polling will take place at forum, so riders can explain why they feel the ride they voted for is the best, and give details about the ride. To vote for the rides you feel are the best in a state go to the Forum under best Dual Sports, or you can follow this LINK. At the end of the year the club that holds the event with with the most votes will be awarded the best dual sport in their state award for them to post on their flyer or web site to promote their event. 

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