Find important information about NCHSA Hare Scrambles.

Ride-NCHSA Hare Scramble
Location-North & South Carolina
Info-This Hare Scramble is put on by the North Carolina Hare Scramble Association. Make sure to check out the Club Page below for more information and race cancellations.

2015 Schedule

NCHSA Flat Rock Hare Scramble-March 8, 2015
NCHSA Rattlesnake Ridge Hare Scramble-March 15, 2015
NCHSA Brown Jug Hare Scramble-May 3, 2015
NCHSA Windy Hill Hare Scramble-May 17, 2015
NCHSA Devil's Ridge Hare Scramble-May 31, 2015
NCHSA Denver Classic Hare Scramble-June 28, 2015
NCHSA Brushy Mountain Hare Scramble-July 12, 2015
NCHSA Rattlesnake Ridge Hare Scramble-July 19, 2015
NCHSA Wilkesboro Hare Scramble-July 26, 2015
NCHSA Shanes Farms Hare Scramble-Aug. 9, 2015
NCHSA Brown Jug II Hare Scramble-Aug 23, 2015
NCHSA Flat Rock II Hare Scramble-Sept. 20, 2015
NCHSA Brushy Mountain II Hare Scramble-Oct. 4, 2015
NCHSA Wilkesboro Hare Scramble-Oct. 11, 2015
NCHSA Denver II Hare Scramble-Nov. 1, 2015

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