A review on the DRC Gyro Stand.

THE TOOL: The pictures above demonstrate the various uses of the DRC Gyro Stand . This stand was designed for balancing dirt bike and other motorcycle tires. This stand can also be used for truing rims, and checking bearings. DRC Hard Ware is a global company out of Japan that sells a wide range of products.

THE USE:  Why did I decide to try the Gyro Stand? On my 450 I run both knobby tires and supermoto tires, so having a balanced set of wheels makes the ride more comfortable and minimizes uneven tire wear. The reason I balance my knobbys is because most, if not every, dual sport requires paved road riding at higher speeds, so an unbalanced wheel can be noticed. Since I'm the type that likes to work on my bike, and I like to save some money, I chose the DRC Gyro Stand .

The Gyro Stand is a very simple tool to use. All you have to do is attach your rim into the stand like in the picture and give it a few spins marking the stopping point. If the stopping point is different on every turn, then your wheel is balanced. If the stopping point is the same every time then you need to add weight to the opposite side, and recheck until you get different stopping points.

Another check that can be performed with the Gyro Stand is the trueness of your rim. The way this is achieved it by putting the rim on the stand and adjusting the gauge to the side of your rim. Then you rotate the rim slowly watching to see if the gap between the sidewall and the gauge changes. The gap should remain the same if your rim is true. If the gap does change all you need to do is tighten or loosen your spokes until trueness is achieved. While you have the wheel in the stand to check trueness you can give it a good spin to check your bearings. If the wheel does not spin freely then it is time for a bearing change.

THE BOTTOME LINE: The DRC Gyro Stand is a good tool to check just about every aspect of your rim. So, the next time you perform a tire change or hit a rock or log really hard you don't have to wounder if you threw off the trueness of your rim, you can just put it on the stand and find out or fix it before more issues arise.

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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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