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Dual Sport Knobby Tire "DOT" List

When riding a Dual Sport or Enduro your suppose to have a DOT tire unless it's a closed loop riding meaning no public road sections. With that being said here is a list of all the DOT knobby dirt bike tires that I could find. If there is a tire I'm missing contact me at mark@usdualsports.com and I will add it.

Click On Tire For Best Price
Bridgestone ED03-$93.67
Bridgestone ED04 -$79.88
Bridgestone ED11 -$70.88
Bridgestone ED77 -$78.88
Bridgestone ED78 -$107.88
Bridgestone TW52-$58.02
Bridgestone TW301-$69.88
Bridgestone TW302 -$83.88
Continental TKC80 -$86.88
Dunlop D606 -$87.88
Dunlop D908RR "Front"-$120.88
Golden Tyre GT 216HB AA "Front"
Golden Tyre GT 216HB "Rear"
Golden Tyre GT 280 Tsunami Wave
Golden Tyre GT 280 Tsunami Jacky
Golden Tyre GT 523
IRC TR8-$87.95
Kenda K270 -$68.99
Kenda K760 -$52.88
Kenda K772 -$50.99
Kings KT-963 "Front"
Maxxis M7000 Dualmaxx
Mefo Exployer
Mefo Super Exployer
Mefo Sport Exployer
Mefo Stone Master
Metzeler Unicross -$71.88
Metzeler MCE Karoo -$110.95
Michelin AC10 -$71.95
Michelin T63 -$69.95
Mitas C-16 "Front"
Mitas C-21 "Front"
MotoZ S/T Enduro-$74.88
MotoZ I/T Enduro-$74.88
MotoZ H/T Enduro-$78.88
MotoZ Tractionator Desert-$74.88
Pirelli MT 16 -$71.98
Pirelli MT 21 -$82.88
Pirelli MT 43 "Trials Tire"-$72.99
Pirelli MXH -$75.39
Pirelli XCMH -$71.34
Pirelli XCMS "Front"-$74.88
Pirelli Scorpion MXS -$75.88
Shinko 520 -$20.95
Shinko SR241 "Trials" -$24.95