The process of removing dirt bike graphics is pretty straight forward, but removing them correctly will make applying your new graphics easier. The first step is to make sure your current plastics are in good shape, and don't have deep scratches. If they do have scratches I would recommend sanding them out if possible or purchasing new plastics.

Tools Needed:
1. Heat Gun
2. Goof Off /Brake Cleaner
3. Soapy Water

Step 1
Heat the under side or top side of the plastic with your hair dryer/heat gun to make the sticker glue soft allowing the it to be removed with out leaving sticky residue.

Step 2
Any remaining sticker residue needs to be removed before applying new graphics. In the past I have used both Goof Off and Brake Cleaner. Be careful where you spray both products as they can dull the plastics finish. If there is very little residue try spraying Goof Off on a rag then wipe the plastics.

Step 3
The last step is the the most crucial step make sure to clean your plastics using soapy water. The mixture I use is 2 drops of liquid soap to 16 oz of water. After plastics are cleaned make sure to dry them with a lint free rag if possible.

After you have completed the sticker removal process you should have a nice clean slate to work with for your new graphics. Be sure to check out the "How To Apply Graphics" page before applying new graphics. 

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